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Are Trolls Cheapening Your Brand? Learn How to React To Fake Reviews without Aggravating the Situation

It can be very distressing to see a nasty and unwarranted review, but you have react in a way that will not make the problem worse.

When it comes to the online world, there are many people who take advantage of the fact online actions do not always have real world consequences. Businesses who are trying to be successful in the online arena may find themselves falling victim to those who are merely trying to cause trouble by posting fake online reviews that make a company look bad. These fake reviews can cause an immediate anger in their victims, and if you encounter this situation, your first reaction may be to lash out. However, you may make the situation worse. Here are some things that you should keep in mind if you fall victim to fake reviews.

  1. Do not respond while you are angry: Many of your clients will be spot a fake review and can tell that you are undeserving of the comments. What will affect your customers more is if they see you start losing your temper and saying less than favorable things in response to the troll. Take a deep breath before you reply.
  2. Reply: Yes, believe it or not, you should reply to the review. The InternetReputation Expert reminds you that it is important that you always respond to reviews, good or bad. When you do, make sure that you are being respectful so that it doesn’t make you look bad to your clients. In your response, you should make it clear that the fake review does not have any evidence to back it up.

    When you respond to online reviews you have the choice of looking either good or bad to your clients. Make the right choice.

Keep a wary eye out: The faster you catch a fake review, the faster you can do something about it. Not every website will remove an unwarranted review, but if you catch it and report it quickly, you may have a better chance of them catching and removing it. Also, look into the website’s rules and terms of service. If the reviewer is in violation of these, the site may be more willing to take the comments down

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