JW Maxx Solutions Discuses Video Use For Online Crisis Management

JW Maxx Solutions knows that today, video communications are so common that they can’t be introduced in the event of a crisis and expected to have the same impact. Organizations need to already have an established video channel that informs or entertains your key public so you have built an audience and goodwill before a crisis hits.  Having an online web presence will increase the speed of distribution and reach your crisis response.

JW Maxx Solutions understands that the video needs to be recorded professionally with quality sound and lighting so that you don’t undermine the message by producing something that looks unpolished or homemade. Having a spokesperson that is comfortable enough to look directly into the camera adds authenticity of his or her words. Careful consideration also needs to be placed into where your video will go on your web site, if the crisis is large enough, it will need to be on the front page. Make sure that viewers can easily post content to sites such as Twitter and Facebook by using a video player that is social media ready with shortcuts or buttons to post content to social networks.

JW Maxx Solutions recommends that you don’t necessarily consider a video as an instant solution to any crisis. Some situations require admitting mistakes or significant policy changes. Regardless, you need to have a credible video response and an established promotion channel as part of your response plan.

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