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JW Maxx Solutions Reviews Why Apple are Marketing Geniuses Yet Again

On April 29, Apple unveiled its latest line of MacBook Air Laptops, making them faster, more efficient, and, surprisingly cheaper. Apple has long enjoyed marketing success, unveiling product after product that leads people to wait in line for days to get their hands on the first one.

JW Maxx Solutions Reviews shares that the new line of MacBook Air Laptops costs $100 less than the original line, and they’re smaller too. While this $100 isn’t that much saved (between takes for a big purchase like that, a lot of that money will still be spent by the consumer), people are now obsessed with sleeker, faster and stronger. This is exactly why Apple has enjoyed so much success in the past. Even though so many people had the Apple iPhone 4, they ran out and bought the 4S and just a few months later, when the iPhone 5 came out, they rushed to purchase that expensive phone as well.

Boasting a better battery life and more powerful processors, JW Maxx Solutions Reviews shares that the new pricing is aimed at placating those who feel as if they can buy a better PC for less money.

Here’s what we can learn from Apple’s marketing. In fact, it can be summed up with a Daft Punk line: Harder, better, faster, stronger. Everything that Apple puts out is faster, stronger, though not always better. It is yet to be seen whether the promises of a longer battery life are upheld, with the failure of the most recent iPhone’s battery life. Regardless, people are sure to flock to Apple stores everywhere to get their hands on the latest edition to the Apple line of products.

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Online Reputation Management Revitalizes Struggling Business PR

Reputation management is no joke. It is distressingly easy for people to put negative reviews about your business online. There are a very lucky few companies who can Google search their company’s name and “scam” and not find any results at all. Negative publicity is just part of the game in this internet-savvy market, and unfortunately for companies, customers are far more likely to take the time to write a scathing article about a bad experience than to write a glowing article about a good experience.

What is an online reputation manager? Walter Halicki of JW Maxx Solutions says, “Put simply, an online reputation manager is an individual or an agency that checks your company’s Google search results, social networking profiles, and other internet presences, and ensures that the positive information is easy to find, while the negative information is buried.” If a Google search of your company’s name turns up negative feedback, or even if it turns up no information at all, customers will not feel confident buying from you. News stories highlighting your company’s achievements give you credibility, and social networking discussions with leading names in your industry give you an air of authority. These are two of the strategies used by online reputation managers to boost their clients’ credibility. On social networking sites, an online reputation manager can generate interesting posts to pique your followers’ interests, and make suggestions for promotions and giveaways to encourage your fans to advertise for you.

JW Maxx Solutions provide services to manage your reputation at www.jwmaxxsolutions.com

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